Surfing on Siargao

Epic waves everywhere you look and one of the most relaxing locations you can imagine - that’s Siargao Island! The home of the #8 wave on the planet, Cloud 9, a perfect right that barrels faster than Pipeline, only steps away from the lookout tower. 
But Cloud 9 is not the only amazing wave you will find here. Cloud 9 is a perfect right barrel but a relatively short ride. Siargao offers countless other world-class breaks - left, right and super long. Stimpy’s for example is a goofy dream. A very long left that also barrels, located at a shallow reef somewhere in the middle of the ocean, accessible only by boat. Right next to it - Rock island - an even longer right.
Pacifico in the north of the island is another world class left. Powerful, fast and can hold huge swells without dealing with huge crowds in the lineup.
We will publish 5 surf spots on Siargao on our website, but visit us on Siargao and ask the friendly locals for our other (more than 15) mind-blowing breaks. Tim from Fat Lips Surf Shop will be happy to give you insider information as well.

Fat Lips Surf Shop

Get ready for surfing Siargao's epic waves at Fat Lips Surf Shop on the way to Cloud 9. Fat Lips Surf Shop on Siargao welcomes you to Siargao and it's epic barrels and waves. Our mission is to offer the best selection of surf accessories, clothing and boards and for the best prices. Besides selling and renting surfboards...

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 - one of the most well-known waves world wide is a perfect barreling right hand reef break that can be both fun and challenging. Although it is a relatively short wave, the fact that it barrels nearly the whole way guarantees satisfaction. It breaks on very shallow reef and is not a beginner wave and recommended for advanced surfers...


Stimpy's is, without a doubt, one of the best and longest lefts you will ever surf. A world-class lefthander located in the middle of the ocean next to a rocky island, exploding on a shallow reef. Stimpy's produces the best barrels at low tide with the tide coming back in, but it also works great at high tide if the swell is big enough. It can hold...


Pacifico is a wave most visitors of Siargao won't get to see. Many don't know about it because everybody is focused on the fame of Cloud 9, but a one hour trip to the north-east of the island can be worth it in the right conditions. While Pacifico is a great beginner wave in small swells, generating very long lefts, it turns into a beast in bigger swells...

Rock Island

A very long right-hander that breaks and barrels for more than 150 meters along Rock Island. Just like Stimpy's it works best at low to medium tide and holds double overhead swells. When the conditions are right, this spot is epic and a lot of fun. Make sure you only surf as long as you want to paddle back, because the wave seems never to end at times.

Tuason Point

Tuason Point is located in walking distance of Cloud 9 and is similar shallow on the inside. Some consider this the best left on the island. Hollow, shallow, fast and only good over 3 feet. Beginners need not apply. A very hard breaking left that builds up quick over a shallow rocky reef with big holes and cracks. This is a very powerful and hard breaking wave.

Accommodations on Siargao

Which one is your favorite surf spot?