Pacifico Surfing

Great to relax

The beach itself is great to come with friend, girlfriend or family and have a nice day all together. There are tables for picnic and the shore is safe to play in the water.

pacifico siargao beach
pacifico barrel

Consistent barrel

While on small days you will find a mellow longboard wave here, the wave turns into a barrel spitting beast when it gets bigger. The peaks are very consistent and you can get very long barrels here.

Pacifico is a wave most visitors of Siargao won't get to see. Many don't know about it because everybody is focused on the fame of Cloud 9, but a one hour trip to the north-east of the island can be worth it in the right conditions. While Pacifico is a great beginner wave in small swells, generating very long lefts, it turns into a beast in bigger swells, with hollow tubes exploding on shallow reef. 

You can get barreled for a few seconds if commit to paddle in. The drop is steep, powerful and full concentration is needed to ride this beauty. Plenty of awesome places to stay at in the area and you can stop at Magpupungko Pool at Pilar on the way and relax.


San Isidro
Siargao Island
Surigao del Norte, Philippines


Best for: Beginner (small days) to advanced / pro 
Direction: Left
Bottom: Shallow Reef / Rocks

- very powerful and long left
- can hold huge waves
- secluded, beautiful beach
- rent a room for a night or two and explore the area

Opening Hours

Please ask the locals for info & directions.

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