Cloud 9 Siargao

Only advanced surfers

Cloud 9 really isn't a wave for beginners when it reaches head high surf, especially if you plan to get barreled. Shallow, very hollow, fast and don't even think about paddling out at low tide.

barrel cloud 9

Wanna get pitted?

If you look for barrels you simply have to come to ride Cloud 9. One of the most consistent peaks you will ever see and you can almost walk all the way to the lineup from the lookout tower.

Cloud 9 - one of the most well-known waves world wide is a perfect barreling right hand reef break that can be both fun and challenging. Although it is a relatively short wave, the fact that it barrels nearly the whole way guarantees satisfaction.

It breaks on very shallow reef and is not a beginner wave and recommended for advanced surfers only, but in walking distance to Cloud 9 you will find a beginner spot with guides on request. 

Cloud Nine is best at mid to high tide. At low tide it is extremely shallow and a high risk of getting hurt or breaking your board. At low tide the biggest part of the reef is dry, surrounding the famous boardwalk and tower, from which you can watch the surfers getting one barrel after another.


Cloud 9
Siargao Island
Surigao del Norte, Philippines


- One of the best barrels on the planet and probably the easiest accessible 
- Advanced and Pro Surfers
- Very shallow reef
- Avoid surfing at low tide

Opening Hours

Always open. 

cloud 9 boardwalk

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