Stimpy's Surfing

The Goofy Dream

Besides it's unique location, a 15 minute boat ride from the shore to a shallow reef out in the ocean, Stimpy's offers very long lefts and produces perfect barrels on the right day.

stimpys siargao drop
pump boat siargao

Noisy but awesome

That's what you can expect from the pump boat ride to the line up. Crystal clear water and excited faces on the way to both Stimpy's and Rock Island, which are lined up next to each other.

Stimpy's is, without a doubt, one of the best and longest lefts you will ever surf. A world-class lefthander located in the middle of the ocean next to a rocky island, exploding on a shallow reef. Stimpy's produces the best barrels at low tide with the tide coming back in, but it also works great at high tide if the swell is big enough. It can hold pretty much every swell height and if you dare to get the wave at the first peak, you can easily get a 15-25 second ride over the shallow reef and crystal clear water. 

You can get there only by boat in about 15 minutes from the end of the road that leads to Cloud 9 after 101 Resort. Make sure to check your leash before you paddle out, because losing your board here is not a good option. If you are regular footer, check out Rock Island, which is an equally long right-hander right next to Stimpy's.

Make sure you always give a tip to the captain if its not the owner of the boat, because those guys don't make much money. They will be thankful and gladly take you out longer next time.


Siargao Island
Surigao del Norte, Philippines


Best for: Intermediate / Advanced Surfers
Direction: Left
Bottom: Shallow Reef / Rocks. Beware of exposed rocks on the inside

- Very long left
- Barrels at the right conditions
- Best at low & mid tide but also works at high tide

Opening Hours

Always open. Take a boat ride from the location on the map. Pay tips to the boat men.

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