Tuason Point Siargao

Tuason Point is located in walking distance of Cloud 9 and shares many similarities although it doesn’t barrel as consistent as Cloud 9. The bottom is the same, going from deep to just inches of water at lower tides and breaks equally powerful and hollow. Some consider this the best left on the island but – just like Cloud 9 – it is not a long wave.

Hollow, shallow, fast and only good over 3 feet. Beginners need not apply. A very hard breaking left that builds up quick over a shallow rocky reef with big holes and cracks. This is a very powerful and hard breaking wave. Wave selection is crucial at this break. There are many peaks here and the crowd is not really a big issue here.

Best at medium to high tide, even at higher tide you are standing in only knee-high water on the inside. Easy to access but watch the currents when you want to get back out. Great spot to get some good pictures from someone at the beach.