Tuason Point

Please smile!

Tuason Point is one of the few breaks on Siargao you can get pictures of you surfing from the beach. It's also a nice beach to relax or take a walk with your girlfriend after surf.

tuason beach siargao
tuason point

Power & more power

Tuason Point is equally powerful and tricky as Cloud 9, except most waves break left. It breaks fast and hollow on a very shallow bottom. 

Tuason Point is located in walking distance of Cloud 9 and is similar shallow on the inside. Some consider this the best left on the island. Hollow, shallow, fast and only good over 3 feet. Beginners need not apply. A very hard breaking left that builds up quick over a shallow rocky reef with big holes and cracks. This is a very powerful and hard breaking wave. Wave selection is crucial at this break. There are many peaks here and the crowd is not really a big issue here.

Best at medium to high tide, even at higher tide you are standing in only knee-high water on the inside. Easy to access if you know the right entrance and exit. Great spot to get some good pictures from someone at the beach.


Tuason Point
Siargao Island
Surigao del Norte, Philippines


Best for: Intermediate / Advanced 
Direction: Left and some rights
Bottom: Shallow Reef / Rocks

- very powerful wave
- from shallow to super shallow
- easy access
- great to take pics

Opening Hours

Please ask the locals for info & directions.