Sugba Lagoon

Take your snorkel gear

The Sugba Lagoon and surrounding areas are great places to explore corals and marine life up close. You can find some quite interesting corals and fishes here and even the harmless jellyfish that are so famous here.

sugba lagoon siargao air
sugba paddle boarding

SUP, Swim or Relax

The lagoon is great for exploring under and on the water and probably the best place to do so with a Stand Up Paddle Board.

This remote and still hidden spot of paradise is the ideal day trip if you are looking for another place to be without other people. The chances that you run into another group here is very low.

Hire a boat from Del Carmen which will take you through a huge Mangrove Forest where the worlds biggest saltwater crocodile lives. But don’t worry, you will not see any of them during the day. Once you get closer to the lagoon you will pass astonishing little communities that live on the most remote places you can imagine. 

The lagoon itself is pure relaxation. Grab your snorkel gear and watch the many stingless jelly fish, find star fish and watch a rather unusual reef that grows far away from the ocean.


Sugba Lagoon
Del Carmen 
Siargao Island
Surigao del Norte, Philippines

– Secluded, beautiful lagoon
– Interesting reef for snorkeling
– Harmless jellyfish to watch
– Scenic boat ride from Del Carmen

Always open. Go to Del Carmen to take a boat. 

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