Splat Paintball Arena

Professional Equipment

Get equipped with quality paint guns and a starter amount of paint balls and run through the wild and chase down your friends!

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paintball siargao arena

Play with friends

If you want to try something different between the daily routine of a small tropical island, search no further! Come play with a small group of friends and have a blast!

Splat…!Paintball Arena covers about 2 hectares. At present we are only using the front portion. Located 2.4 Kms outside General Luna on the main concrete road to Malinao town (scroll down for complete directions).

It is a “woods-ball” venue on the edge of the natural forest. Local coconut trees interspersed with natural shrubs and vegetation. The ground is soft and covered with ferns. This provides great natural cover to hide/camouflage oneself while evading others. Also allows for diving and crawling with ease. We built two log cabins and a sandbagged foxhole to provide extra obstacles and strategic fire positions especially during the fast playing “hunt-the-flag”. The cabins are good for “defending-the-flag” and also “I-have–the-flag-come-get-it”

There is a raised hillock in the North East corner, the forward ridge provides for a great fox hole commanding a good portion of the field.. Anyone playing sniper will keep most heads down. To assault this point is do-able and again fast flowing. Under the palm canopy it is cool and allows for games to play morning and after-noon, at a later date we will set up the arena for “Night opps”.

It is a relaxed game and after or during play guests can come to a safe area to grab a quick drink and rest up ready for the next bout.

Arena Location:

N.B.!!! Drop in at the Main office in GL or book before coming. If there is no game on the arena will be closed. 2.4 Kms on the General Luna to Malinao road before the left hand bend on the long straight stretch of road that has no buildings. You will see the Splat…!Paintball Arena Sign. Follow the track for approximately 150 meters and you will arrive at the white admin building.


Splat Paintball Arena
Office Location: (See map)
St Thomas Street,
General Luna 

Phone: 0977 652 0844

– Great activity on Siargao
– Play with friends and family
– Many game types
– Great prices
– Located in General Luna

Call or Email for information and reservation.

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