Rentals on Siargao

One of the first things to do when planning a trip to Siargao, is to organize transportation to get around between hotel and beach and also for exploring the island. Depending on your driving skills and needs, there are several options for you to choose from. No matter which one you choose, always remember to drive safely, don't drink and drive and wear a helmet at all times.

Motorcycle Rental

The most comfortable way to explore Siargao. Our new Yamaha motorcycles offer plenty of torque and power to get 2 people and your surfboard anywhere on the island - on and off-road. If you don't want to bounce around on the small scooters and want to travel safe and smooth on your road trip, we are your best option.

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Rent a Binggo with a driver/guide or self-drive one while in Siargao!

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Car Rental on Siargao...