Surf Buggy Rental Siargao

Get around safer

Protected in a steel frame and the only 4 wheel rental on Siargao, our buggies are a fun and safe way to get around between Accommodation, Beaches and Restaurants.

general luna rental

250cc & Automatic

With their 250cc engines and automatic transmission with one gear, the buggies are easy to use and so much more fun than a motorbike.

When you visit Siargao, one of the first things you want to do is rent a vehicle for transportation. That usually means renting a motorbike because there is no other option available. Except for us! 

If you want to get around more comfortable, don't know how to drive a motorcycle safely and especially have the wish to be safer on the roads, our Surf Buggies are the way to go! 

Easy to use, with a one gear automatic belt transmission, a powerful 250cc engine and most importantly - a surfboard rack to get you from your resort to Cloud 9 and most other amazing surf spots with style! Our buggies can only be used between the tourist area of Cloud 9 and General Luna and surrounding area, where you will spend 98% of your time. Email or call us for more info.


Rental Siargao
Tourism RD
After 101 Resort & behind CFC

General Luna, Philippines

+1 787 662 7300 (WhatsApp)
0928 136 5644 (Smart)


- Unique Surf Buggy
- Board can be mounted on roof
- 2 people max
- Automatic Transmission
- Safe to get around compared to motorcycles
- Get around with style

Opening Hours

Call for information and reservation. Pickup and drop off daily between 11am - 2pm.