Piso Alcala & John Mark Tokong dropped out of Siargao Cloud 9 Surfing Cup

The Cloud 9 tower was packed during the quarter – & semi finals with most of the crowd cheering for the two remaining locals John Mark Tokong and Piso Alcala.

John Mark Tokong paddling out to his next heat before dropping out of the competition on the way to the quarterfinals. His competitors managed to get some good waves earlier in the heat, which left Mark under a lot of pressure to the end and with no good sets rolling through anymore, sadly didn’t make it to the next round.

Despite showing a great performance such as the tube in the picture, Piso Alcala was not able to beat Tomas King at his local break just an hour ago. King​ who just made it to the finals after he won close with only a lead of 0.13 against Nic von Rupp.

At this moment the semifinals just came to an end with Raoni Monteiro beating Lucca Mesinas and moving up to the finals to surf against Tomas King for the win of the 2017 Siargao Cup.

Some additional pictures from the first and second day of the competition with day one starting with wind conditions that can’t be called optimal, just to turn into perfection and bigger swell on day two:

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