Magpupungko Rock Pools

The Magpupungko Pools near the town of Pilar are natural pools between the rocks and reefs right at the beach, which are only completely visible in low tide, when the water level is low enough to expose the surrounding rock, so make sure you plan your trip and check for low tides before. Make sure to bring snorkel gear, as there are beautiful fish and corals living inside the pools and it is a safe place to snorkel at low tide. 

The beach itself is almost white sand and very relaxing to be around for the day with your family or friends. There is a small store that offers lunch and a few small places to eat on the way. If you pay attention, you might fine one or two signs at the side of the road with trails to other unique locations.

The trip from General Luna is a about one hour driving. If you are in a bigger group, rent a van. There is a parking fee and entrance fee. 


Check the tides before you plan a trip and make sure you don’t go when its high tide as the pools and surrounding rocks will be flooded and disappear and become a safety issue.