Guyam Island

Celebrate on Guyam

Just like Daku Island, Guyam Island also invited to celebrate and relax with your family and friends. The chance that this little island is just yours for a day

siargao lechon
guyam island fun

No boredom

So much to do in this tiny island. How about setting a new record of swimming around the entire island in less than 15 minutes? Beach ball, snorkeling, drinking fresh coco juice and take in the many shades of blue and green.

A little bigger and better dressed than Naked Island and probably your last destination of your Island Hopping Tour, is Guyam Island. 

Great little getaway, also rarely people or other boats around here beside some fisherman, Guyam is a nice place to relax with friends, have picnic and enjoy island life.

Great for snorkeling and free-diving as well, so make sure you bring your snorkel gear. The boat can drop you off some nearby reefs to snorkel further out if you want to see more marine wildlife, but even if you take a swim around the whole island, which is fun, you will encounter some nice residents under water.


Guyam Island
General Luna
Siargao Island

– Very good for snorkeling
– Great for private celebrations
– Good chance to be alone here
– Amazing views
– Very quick ride from General Luna

Always open.

Have you been here or like to visit?