Daku Island

Daku Island, a short boat ride from General Luna, is one of those places you just have to see when you are on Siargao.

One of three islands that are part of the Island Hopping Tour that is offered around the area of GL. Whether you like a day of total relaxation in crystal clear water, snorkeling, diving or simply enjoying a deserted beach, Dako doesn’t disappoint.

Daku is great for days with and without swell. A must-do for snorkeling on calm days, while on bigger days the Daku Reef starts breaking and offers a fun wave that is more forgiving, because it’s not a shallow reef like most breaks on Siargao.

If you bring fresh fish and from the market in General Luna before you get on the boat, you can rent a hut at the beach on Daku Island and the locals will prepare the food for you and your group.


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